In my previous post I explained that catastrophic climate change was now unstoppable and that as a consequence the collapse of human civilisation inevitable. The question then arises how long have we got left. Less time than you think. A lot less. This lot think there could be 10 degrees of warming beyond preindustrialContinue Reading

Are you looking for solo female travel tips? Solo female travel is becoming more popular day after day. Travel offers something different and fascinating for everyone. Whether you’re doing it for the first time or you’ve been doing it for a while. Whether you are transitioning or you have suddenContinue Reading

Here are some features of Restaurant management software which can improve the Business and Increase the Market Presence of the Restaurant: Sales Tracking: Many Established Restaurants go through a large amount of Cash as well as Netbanking and Debit/Credit Cards every day. Tracking each and every sales report of everyContinue Reading