The oyster partnership is one of the leading professional recruitment consultancy which deals in property and surveying sectors. This company mainly focuses on quickly delivering the clients the very best people for a particular kind of job. If you have a company and want to recruit employees, partnering with oysterContinue Reading

Meaning of partnership in banking The word partnership in general means a joint venture of multiple interested parties with the expectation of a profitable outcome. This definition is very generic and thus, can be extended to all sectors of investments. In banking, partnership has a similar meaning. Here the bankContinue Reading

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Business Organizationis an entity which is based for the sole purpose of carrying forward a commercial enterprise. An organization of such a nature is governed by systems of law which are concerned with contract and exchange, rights of property and incorporation. Business organizations are primarily of three forms individual businesses,Continue Reading

Introduction : E-partnership commonly refers to business partnership which depends on information technologies or electronic technologies to interact and communicate amongst partners. The internet has become a major platform to spread any kind of business. As the internet is emerging regularly, anyone who wish to run a successful e-business (electronicContinue Reading