The inception of partnership banks In the United States the first bank was opened in 1791, which was jointly partnered by federal government and private stakeholders. The basic operations of the bank was to provide loan to various corporates and also to deposit money of the common people. As theContinue Reading

The oyster partnership is one of the leading professional recruitment consultancy which deals in property and surveying sectors. This company mainly focuses on quickly delivering the clients the very best people for a particular kind of job. If you have a company and want to recruit employees, partnering with oysterContinue Reading

Introduction What is the perfect recipe for a thriving business? Well, almost every businessman in the world wants to know the secret behind a lucrative business. But isn’t it always better to share responsibilities and also enjoy the fruit of labor together? Why Partnership Business?  There are several solid reasonsContinue Reading

Meaning of partnership in banking The word partnership in general means a joint venture of multiple interested parties with the expectation of a profitable outcome. This definition is very generic and thus, can be extended to all sectors of investments. In banking, partnership has a similar meaning. Here the bankContinue Reading

Dongri building collapse: Rescuers are still digging through the rubble in the south Mumbai area Mumbai:  Rescuers are still digging through the rubble of a decades-old four-storey building in south Mumbai’s crowded Dongri area that collapsed on Tuesday morning. Fourteen people have been killed and many more are feared trapped.Continue Reading

Washington:  A divided House voted Tuesday to condemn President Donald Trump’s racist remarks telling four minority congresswomen to “go back” to their ancestral countries, with all but a handful of Republicans dismissing the rebuke as harassment while many Democrats pressed their leaders for harsher punishment of the president. The imageryContinue Reading